Thursday, February 21, 2008

Steve, what time is it?

Nearly every afternoon, during our basic reading classes, Steve, Laura and I take our kids to the park 30-40 yards from the school. Steve has a class of eight, Laura has about the same and I have ten. Half-way into their three-hour class, these kids need a break, and they get it too, regardless of whether or not we take them outside. The mania is easier to work off in a park than inside four walls of a classroom. I've been tied down and tortured by these little people like Gulliver in his travels, for trying recess indoors. Kids gotta breathe.

Unfortunately, break can't last until the end of class. This necessitates a watch. But none of us ever have a watch. Like clock-work though, Steve asks me on the way out to the park each day, "Did you bring your watch Joseph?" This is only a cue for me to reply in the negative. "No. Forgot it again." Both Steve and I own wrist watches. Neither of us bring it anywhere. Why don't we bring it? Both of us know the time shows up on Steve's digital camera after every picture he takes. Steve takes at least three pictures during break everyday just to check the time. In consequence, Steve has a lot of really important pictures on his camera like the one you see above. Is there anything in the picture indicating...anything? No. You might have already asked yourself, "is there any reason this picture was taken? Is Joseph running out of pictures to blog about or something?" No on both. The picture was not taken to capture anything Kodak and I'm not running out of pictures. Steve takes just as many Kodak moment pictures as time-check pictures. So why did I post this picture? To remind me of the times we didn't need a picture, but needed to take a picture.


Brittany said...

Steve--I came across your blog while doing a web search to find Berhan's address...I worked there several years ago. I totally know you but I only have a vague remembrance on the edge of my brain (sorry!) I cannot remember where or why we met. Some faint recollection you have a sister named Rebekah? I am so sorry I don't remember! Seeing as I don't remember, I'm sure you will not! Your blog is fantastic! Brings back some great memories! Keep up the great work! And good luck :)

Gavin Castleton said...

Joe, you look very talented.

Elizabeth said...

I used to work at Berhan the whole of 2006 and it's interesting seeing others have the Taiwan adventure! You get to go outside everyday for break? We only had that privilege once a week for my KBR and 1a class. Man, you're lucky. Do the secretaries know about this? (hehe)