Monday, May 5, 2008

"Where's Waldo the White Guy" and other typical pictures of an American in China

Dear Meagan (my cousinly one),
In an effort to meet your request, I've posted here a few pictures more focused on my Chinese experience and less on my glamorous complexion.

. . . Although, it's a bit difficult to see the sights without being a sight, if you're American. Hence, the continued element of "I'm a rockstar--at least, I must be because people I've never met keep asking to have their picture taken with me." Gavin may actually be a rockstar, but I can at least feel like one, right? I don't write songs, I just wear white skin and a ball cap.


Meagan said...

Nice - these photos bring back fond memories of my first trip to Vietnam where I was the whitest/blondest, and ironically the tallest, person many locals had ever seen.

Elena said...

well where are you, Waldo the white guy?
я уже соскучилась...