Monday, April 14, 2008

someone said "manship?"

For Sara's special report on me and Steve's "manship," as she calls it, click here.


Tristan said...

Joe man, You got to give a little to get a little. sometimes you got to go along to get along, you feel me?

Brittany said...

Hooray! So glad we sorted that one. How random and hilarious. Me oh my time is probably passing so quickly for you there!! Two and a half more months! Wowee. Are you going to travel to continental Asia after you're finished?? I opted to save money instead, but now I wish I'd at least gone to were only $250 roundtrip (in US $) then...don't know what they are now...but I'm guessing they're a whole heck of a lot cheaper from Taiwan than from the U.S...! Good luck with the rest of your time there! I'm sure you'll finish off fantastically!!! :)