Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This year

If every night turns out to be an all-nighter,
If that guy in class doesn't stop spitting on me from trying too hard to make his point,
If I still haven't found enough time to get my bike fixed,
If Obama's grassroots blitz doesn't ease up once he's in the House,
If I haven't managed to get past High Street unmolested,
If I still can't feel comfortable with the other gender,
If none of my internships for this summer work out,
If I can't get funding for next year . . .

I'm going back to Taiwan.

Who's in?


GreenTaiwan said...

Yup, I'm there. No girlfriend, no gameplan. I might as well go.

Elena said...
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Elena said...

if you go to Taiwan..
then i'm giving up to see you again
then i'm starting to cry badly
then my eyes are full of tears
then i can't see the color of the light signal
then i'm dieing under the car
then if you go to Taiwan I'm dead (and don't forget those 5 deads who were in that car)
Joseph.. come to Russia instead, m?.. you can bring a friend to take pictures of you :P

Maren B said...

Maybe just send that guy who spits on you to Taiwan. And ask him to fix your bike while he's there.

Mary said...

I'll definitely consider the offer, but as I am a single person, I'm not ready to commit (to going back to Taiwan or anything else).

But you keep us posted on that spitting problem, ok?