Sunday, January 13, 2008

I like kids, ok?

Photo 1: Fish, anyone? It's free, and drying on the sidewalk.
Photo 2: I just fought ten Chinese Ninjas bare-nuckle and I'm soaking my hands. Or, I'm getting a manicure . . . you decide.
Photo 3: Go-carts in a Feng Yuan night market. Awesome fun.
Video: The long awaited proof that I like kids and kids like me.


Meagan said...

I still don't believe you like kids - sorry. You'll have to prove it in person at the family reunion this summer.

quil said...

Sure Meagan, but if you think I'm doing sitter duty for everyone who up and spawned a new generation this past year while you all go jet skiing, forget it. I may sit and feed the iklekins otter pops for a few minutes so they'll love me, but if it comes down to my rep with the kids and my time on the skies, I'm on the skies. You got me.

amanda said...

nice kicks. i like them.

Matthew Sederberg said...

Joe, all your adventures are making me jealous! PS, what's this I hear about Taiwan wanting to merge back with China?

Becky said...

Joe - I played that video at least 5 times. I love the smile on your face - you really look happy!

Elena said...

My every single day starts from this fish. I'm tired already!!