Saturday, January 26, 2008

you be feel good, just we can . . .

I teach kindergarten now. These little people are high energy and darn cute. I teach gym class. We do push-ups together and then we see how many push-ups Mr. Joseph can do with all the kids piled up on his back. What--I love wrestling. You can see in the third picture how Steve benefits from the way I run my class. He teaches kitchen. They still think it's wrestling practice. "But Mr. Joseph lets us...." Steve loves me for it. The fourth picture is our first rain since I arrived one month ago. And you know I have to celebrate long awaited rain by forgoing the umbrella. I'm from Washington. Next: we found a donut venue in a shopping center. No-yeast, no-sugar was not my best friend right then. Last: I donned my florescent rain jacket to venture through the rooftop escape hatch. It was raining and I had the perfect suit for bright-florescent- color-loving Taiwan. Oh, and the first picture: "you be feel good, just we can..." is the reason we're here in Taiwan teaching English. Does anyone think whoever wrote that phrase and approved the construction of a food stand with those words on it really knows English well enough to be using it? Chinglish, they call it. It's everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe! I found you on Maren's website and had to say HI. Taiwan, eh? That's pretty much the coolest thing ever. I am slightly jealous! I hope you enjoy your time. Things here are good. We bought a house in West Jordan. Love it. Um also I'll be giving birth to a youngin this summer. How's that for crazy? I wouldn't believe it except for the puking. :) Hey Joe, take care of yourself!! If you are bored you can check out our blog at Bye!

Mary said...

well, that's definately special i'd say. but you'll never guess what i did this weekend! i'll have to write you an email about the swing dancin' till 3 am!!!!!!!!!! but i simply love your beautiful blog! definately don't you love the word?

Elena said...

Isn't "definately" also Chinglish?
cause in English it spells like definitely..
Just wondered.
And now I wonder will Mary forgive me ever?..

Tristan said...

Joseph, you are sure a roit full of colors waiting to happen. havent seen that rain jacket in a long time. miss you man. i will hoist a weinhardts for you.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Best Chinglish I did ever see:

"Best of Don Joui" (CD with such hits as Livn ona Prayer" and "Its my live")

Also: "Now it's time to dead!" (title of horror film for sale)

classic of my heart. sentimentality breeds in the cockles of soul mine.